Sports Massage Therapy


Sports Massage Therapy encompasses the methodical manipulation of the body's soft tissues to help athletes improve their performance.


There are physical, psychological and emotional benefits of Sports Massage Therapy. These include, but are not limited to, the following: improved circulation, muscular relaxation, heightened mental alertness. Sports Massage Therapy also gives rise to greater flexibility, more energy, faster recovery and pain reduction.


Sports Massage Therapy alleviates: headaches, depression, strains and sprains, constipation, etc.


There are 5 applications of Sports Massage Therapy:


  1. Recovery: To develop the client's recovery from vigorous sporting activities.

  2. Remedial: To improve a debilitating condition.

  3. Rehabilitation:  To assist the healing process after a disabling injury.

  4. Maintenance: To enhance recovery and assist the client in maintaining optimal health.

  5. Event: To aid the client in preparing for or recovering from a specific competitive event. This can be pre-, inter-, or post-event.

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