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Thursday, June 9, 2016


So Muscle Management has finally decided to keep abreast with technology and start a regular blog post. The blogs will keep you up to date with all things related to Sports Massage Therapy. My posts will be interesting, engaging and most of all, relevant. I will delve into the science behind Sports Massage Therapy and the benefits of how it will improve your overall health and sporting performance across all disciplines.


Other topics to look forward to include:


Stretching techniques and flexibility

Post-event: How Sports Massage is integral to recovery

Self-massage techniques

Foam rolling

And many more...


In conclusion, I'd like to end off with a quote from Susan Salvo (Massage Therapy Principles and Practice):


"Massage is a balance between technical and personal skills, at the heart of which lies the therapeutic relationship.  Every time a therapist and a client come together in the context of therapy, this relationship is created.  This relationship has a special purpose and goal: to serve the needs and best interests of our clients."


My hope is that you will enjoy reading the posts as much as I like writing them for you. Remember to follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for current special rates and offers.


Until next time, cheers!

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