Shoulder Pain and Sports Massage Therapy

Tuesday, October 18, 2016



The shoulder joints are the most movable in the entire body.The range of mobility allowed therein however, makes it prone to injury. Shoulder pain may be caused as a consequence of overuse of the shoulder, or disruption of the surrounding muscle, tendons and ligaments. Other causes of shoulder pain are Arthritis, strains or sprains. Pain may be experienced when lifting the arm or heavy weights, or even when moving the head from side to side.


Warning signs


Medical advice should be sought if the following symptoms are experienced:


  • Pain experienced for longer than a fortnight.

  • Inflammation and numbness of the joint.

  • Immobility of the joint.




If your shoulder pain does not require surgery to remedy, sports massage can help ease the pain. Sports Massage Therapy (SMT) may not necessarily cure the diagnosis, but it will help improve the shoulder's mobility, relieve muscular strain and prevent inflammation. Through SMT, pressure is applied to the muscles. This in turn relieves tension that could be causing the shoulder pain. Note, however, that acute shoulder pain, inflammation and swelling are contraindications of SMT. Other methods for pain relief will include hot and cold compresses, Physiotherapy and pain medication.


The aforementioned remedies only allow for temporary relief of shoulder pain. For a more permanent remedy, the root cause of the shoulder pain should be established. For persistent pain, consult a medical professional.


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