Finding Motivation After the Holidays

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The holiday season is over. Your clothes are considerably tighter and you're back at work. Reality has set in. The thought of rolling out of bed for a 06:00 spin class seems near impossible. Now what? It's not uncommon to find it hard to get back into your fitness routine after the holidays. It happens to the best of us. Fear not! I've taken the liberty to compile a few tips to get you motivated again. 


Start small


Understandably, motivation levels will be low at this time of year. However, once you take the first step, you'll find yourself back into routine in no time. Start slow. Don't overdo it. You can push your limits with time. Go to your favorite track session. Try out the yoga class you've been dying to join. Make it fun. 


Watch your diet


The holidays are synonymous with an overindulgence in all things yummy. So sticking to a healthy eating plan once back at work may prove to be challenging. Remember, you need to fuel your body with essential nutrients in order to see results. Drink enough water. Add good carbs, fats and proteins to your diet. Coupled with a regular exercise program, those extra kilograms will soon be shed.


Set some goals


Whilst all good intentions for New Year's resolutions generally don't tend to last very long, it is important to set some attainable goals for yourself. Setting goals will keep you accountable and increase motivation levels. Daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly goals will keep you on track. Spoil yourself once your goals are met. You deserve it.


Enjoy the outdoors


Just because the holiday season is over, doesn't mean that you still can't take advantage of the weather. The sun rises early enough and sets quite late. So there's absolutely no excuse to enjoy a quick run or cycle before, or even after, work.  Breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sun!



2017 brings with it a host of opportunity. Seize the moment. Kick the blues to the curb. And smash those goals!






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