The Importance of Wearing the Correct Running Shoes

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Running is a high-impact sport. It therefore goes without saying that wearing the right running shoes are important. Good running shoes help prevent common related injuries. Consider the following when buying your next pair.


Understanding your Gait


Understanding your gait (running style) is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a pair of running shoes. Your gait will determine how much support or cushioning you would need in the running shoe. Good running stores will do a complimentary gait analysis on you before recommending a pair most suitable for you.


Intended Use


Consider the surface on which you will be running on most: tar, track or trail. Each of these surfaces require a different shoe.


Correct Size


Both the width and the length are important factors when considering the correct running shoe. Feet expand the longer you run on them. It is therefore advisable to have some breathing space when fitting the right size. A finger's width from the tip of your big toe to the front of the shoe is recommended. 




The weight of the runner and the weight of the shoe should be considered. Generally, the heavier the runner, the more support would be required. That being said, the lighter the shoe, the better. You do not want your shoes weighing you down - especially for the longer distance runners.




A good pair of socks with the perfectly fit running shoe are a great combination. They create an environment for your feet conducive for running. Heat, friction and moisture in the shoe are minimized.


Injury Prevention


Tendinitis and overuse injuries may be prevented provided that your running shoe provides the proper support and cushioning. Blisters and other pains may be avoided too. Ensure that you get proper advice when selecting a brand suitable for your running style.


Improved Athletic Performance


Whilst you may not win any Olympic medals, those runners who wear proper running shoes may experience a greater improvement in their performance than those who do not. Other factors that contribute to this are comfort and improved running capacity.



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